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Marketing benefits

TOPS Oysters™ is not just a growing system to produce quality oysters. The value enhancing unique “by-product” of the growing process is that the oysters are individually labelled, distinguishing TOPS Oysters™ from others and providing marketing bnefits.

Individual oyster labelling

A TOPS Oysters™ accredited grower may use the label in several different ways, depending on what the company’s priorities may be. The label could be used to provide for full traceability from farm to market, or it could be used for the promotion of a specific brand or for web-based marketing to celebrate the differences of TOPS Oysters™. There are many options.

Subtidal grown TOPS oceanic oysters, tagged
Traceable tagged TOPS Oysters

True traceability from spat to plate (label part of shell)

TOPS Oysters™ have the unique feature of actually growing on their identification tag. This tag provides its initial growing substrate and then can ensure the authenticity of your branding and of its provenance. All other systems of branding, such as stickers or laser engraving, are provided after harvest.

Highest food safety guarantee

Packaging and documentation provided by a grower are not necessarily enough to stop others from abusing your company name and brand for illegal commercial gain. The risk of reputational damage and commercial loss in case of a food safety incident associated with fake product is real. TOPS Oysters™ can reduce such risk to an absolute minimum.

Unique product differentiation: telling the story...

TOPS Oysters™ with their unique tag differ from any other high quality oyster in the market place. This special feature of distinction is ideal for branding and web-based marketing.