TOPS Oysters Consulting Ltd

63 Todds Bush Rd, RD1
Nelson 7071, New Zealand

TOPS sustainability

TOPS Oysters™ is defined by minimal requirement of growing structures and containers in the natural environment. To a large extent, the system mimics how wild oysters are grown.

Several key differences make TOPS Oysters™ special and more sustainable than natural oyster beds.

With TOPS Oysters™:

  • Selected and selectively bred oyster spat are ideally used
  • Oysters are perfectly spaced to avoid the stress of competition providing good shell shape and meat condition
  • Quality and survivorship are markedly improved, because the oysters are reared suspended off the seabed,

Environmentally friendly with minimum structure

The concept of TOPS Oysters™ is based on the use of minimal resources in terms of cages or structures. Oysters are suspended on tags on continuous tape. The main structure relates to the suspension of the tape on the farm, whether it is longline, rack or frame. 

TOPS Oysters™ core materials

The core materials of TOPS Oysters™ are a barbed tag (or label), a special adhesive and the tape. Those materials have been selected to be food-safe and environmentally and user friendly. The tape is recyclable and can potentially even be re-used.

TOPS freshly seeded oyster spat on tag/tape
TOPS Oysters tags