TOPS Oysters Consulting Ltd

63 Todds Bush Rd, RD1
Nelson 7071, New Zealand

Worldwide focus

TOPS Oysters™ Consulting Ltd has been formed for the promotion of the TOPS Oysters™ system outside of New Zealand. It focuses on countries with a good reputation for oyster quality and food safety standards. TOPS Oysters™ opens opportunities for niche marketing.

TOPS Oysters™ Consulting Ltd has just started the promotion of its system in those markets. The approach and business model that TOPS Oysters Consulting Ltd will use for the promotion of its innovative growing and marketing system is flexible and will be guided by regional conditions.

Patent and other means of IP protection

Patent protection for TOPS Oysters™ has been obtained for the following countries:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Europe (France, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy)
  • Japan

TOPS Oysters™ Consulting intends to keep its world-leading technology exclusive to those parties who have signed up to the system. Only growers who have signed the TOPS Oysters™ Agreement will be entitled to the privileges that come with this and will be provided access to needed core materials and machinery.

Partners with focus on quality & niche marketing

TOPS Oysters™ Consulting Ltd sees its innovative growing and marketing system ideally placed with industry stake holders who have a known track record in the production and marketing of top quality oysters. Companies with a passion for oysters that appreciate the difference and distinction that the TOPS Oysters™ system can provide are most welcome to contact TOPS Oysters™ Consulting Ltd.

Business model

The type of business model that will be used for the promotion of TOPS Oysters™ in the different geographic regions for which patent protection has been obtained is flexible and will accommodate region-specific conditions and opportunities. Key factors driving any such model are:

  • Exclusivity or sharing regional patent rights
  • Production and sub-contracting production
  • Branding & marketing: single-desk or multi-party
  • Franchising of production & marketing

The TOPS Oysters™ system offers opportunities for specialized companies to carry out contract seeding and sub-contracting grow-out. Promotion of the TOPS Oysters™ concept may acknowledge the  benefits of a centralized marketing approach in combination with rigid QA standards and product accreditation.

Investors in TOPS Oysters™ may be growers and marketers of quality oysters. Oyster bars are the ultimate client where the TOPS Oysters™ story and quality assurances can be appreciated. 

Services by TOPS Oysters™ Consulting Ltd

TOPS Oysters™ Consulting Ltd will support its growers with a number of different services. These services include the supply of the core materials such as the tags, tape, adhesive and socking. Specific solutions, with regard to tagging machinery and mechanization can also be offered depending on the method of suspension a TOPS Oysters™ grower may choose  for their growing environment and operations. Worldwide adoption of the TOPS Oysters™ technology is still in its "infancy" and some learning and adaptation of the technology to regional conditions may still be needed.

Companies interested in using or investing in the TOPS Oysters™ system are welcome to contact TOPS Oysters™ Consulting Ltd.